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CNN censors live broadcast of Iranian president's speech about the Holocaust


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Jan 12, 2006
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CNN censors live broadcast of Iranian president's speech about the Holocaust

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- CNN censored part of the live broadcast of the Iranian president's speech during a rally in Tehran on Saturday, which put the phenomenon of the Holocaust under question.

The Cable News Network (CNN) censored part of Iranian president Ahmadinejad's speech in Tehran on Saturday who was addressing millions of rallying people on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Ahmadinejad was censored when he started talking about the Holocaust and when he put the issue under a question mark and said, "if you are not lying about the Holocaust, then why don't you let our scientists come to your countries to conduct a research on the issue. You do not even let your own scientists and thinkers to run a research on the issue and as soon as they raise doubts or put the issue under question, you suffocate them."

CNN was relaying the live broadcast of Ahmadinejad's speech by the Islamic Republic News Network and it did not cut the program even when the Iranian president was stating his country's strong opposition to the west and its hegemony and trespass of the other nations' rights. But as soon as Ahmadinejad started talking about the Holocaust, the reputable American channel cut his words on the pretext of intermission.

Once the Iranian president was through with that part of his speech about the Israeli Regime, the falsehood of the raison deters of Zionism and Israel and the current status quo in the Palestinian occupied lands, CNN started the broadcast again.

The measure seems to be globally coordinated since BBC also embarked on censoring the same part of the Iranian president's speech, which referred to the Holocaust again on the pretext of intermission.

If you are interested to know the highlights of president Ahmadinejad's speech, or if you would like to be informed about the details of the said censored part, please check it out on our first news of the day.

First of all, do not Copy and Paste articles or Copyrighted material. Post the initial paragraph and then set a link pointing to the remainder of the article for further reading.

Now, Fars News Agency. If I remember correctly, 'Fars' is located in the south-central part of the Iranan plateau and this word is the root word of 'Farsi' ... the Persian language.

What bothers me here is that when I clicked on the 'About Us' link on the page you denoted above, a HTTP Error 404 (directory not found) page came up numerous times, typically meaning that either the link is parsed incorrectly or... no 'About Us' page exists. What authentic news organization does not actually have an About Us page?

This page also is done very poorly and has 'Test Run' faintly visible on the header masthead. Also on the header is 'FarsNewsAgency.ir'. The problem here is that the actual page URL has a .com (United States) address and not an Iranian .ir address.

Judging from the content on the Farsi page of Fars News Agency, this website is no doubt approved by the Iranian Ministry of Communications. Not one story here was either critical or introspective of Iran. In other words, what you have fed us above is nothing more than a quasi Iranian government press release.
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