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Clone a Horse?


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Feb 12, 2005
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I could see cloning a beloved pet, so a person could have them in their lives until they die. Should people be allowed to clone animals for profit?
May 20, 2:44 PM (ET)
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - After winning the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, Funny Cide should be making multimillionaires of his owners in stud fees alone.
After all, the colt Smarty Jones was sold for $39 million shortly after his Derby and Preakness victories last year and now fetches $100,000 for every offspring he fathers. Similar riches await the owner of this year's Derby winner Giacomo if he can capture the Preakness on Saturday.
Funny Cide, unfortunately, was castrated shortly after birth, so breeding the gelding is impossible. There is, however, an intriguing - if still remote - possibility of extending Funny Cide's dead-end bloodline: through cloning.
"Obviously, it was a mistake that he was gelded in the first place," said Funny Cide co-owner Jon Constance, an optician in Sacketts Harbor, N.Y. "If there's a way to rectify that mistake, why wouldn't we look into it?"
Hmmm, if this does happen, it will be interesting to see the impact it has on the horse industry. While it really is too bad that Funny Cide is a gelding, I do think that cloning is a little drastic. I really wonder if the Jockey Club (the thoroughbred registry) would even allow the results of such a procedure to be registered (if they aren't registered they can't race). Heck, they don't even allow AI.
Should people be allowed to clone animals for profit?

They are already doing it. A few months ago a woman from Texas had her cat cloned for $50,000. Call me crazy but I personally think cloning an animal is a very bad and silly idea for several reasons; first of all cloned animal have all sorts of health issues, second no matter how much the cloned animal looks like the original one, it is a different animal and with all the cats and dogs in shelters, there is plenty top choose from at a cheaper price. $50,000 would definitely help a lot of animals....

I doubt that any cloned animal would be allowed to be registered as a purebred
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