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Citizenship: Liberties vs. Security


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Jan 24, 2006
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What are the characteristic of a Citizen? Do Citizens have a responsibility which is greater than non-citizens? If so what are they? How might the roles and responsibilities of citizenship change in the 21st century?
becuzimsean said:
What are the characteristic of a Citizen? Do Citizens have a responsibility which is greater than non-citizens? If so what are they? How might the roles and responsibilities of citizenship change in the 21st century?

In a conservative sense nothing should change. We should maintain the course of liberty. However that's not what the so called conservatives are now saying. Hence the reason I am no longer calling myself a conservative. There is a great difference between the conservation of liberty and the hawkish ideology of the PNAC. True conservatives are forced to the left by the authoritarian doctine of our current adminstration. Sychopants, Toads, and Yes men jump on the bandwagon of who ever is in power.
These questions have the feel of a college essay.

Characteristics of citizenship? Ignorance and apathy, but I’m too lazy to verify that. What responsibilities do citizens have? Can’t think of anything more than paying taxes and jury duty. Sure, there’s a bunch of other things people could do to be good citizens, but most of those are optional. Evolving responsibilities of citizenship? Nothing new, but I think we need to be more assiduous about calling bullshit on our elected representatives.
Conflict, what do you mean, “maintain?” We need to go back to the course of liberty
Yea you were right about an essay, but it actually isn't for college. I am a junior in high school. Anyways here is how my essay turned out if you want to read it.

“American Vigilance Towards Politics”
Citizens of the United States of America, native or naturalized, have the opportunity to an abundance of freedoms most take for granted. Citizens living in a democratic nation should recognize this and be attentive in assuring their freedoms are secure. Ideally, citizens of the U.S. should vote and be very proactive in the political process. They should contribute to society economically and socially by working, participating in community service, and paying their taxes. They should pay their taxes without complaining; knowing there is a small price to pay to be a part of a country with so many liberties. Citizens of America should be vigilant towards politics and demand transparency.
Citizens of the U.S. have a much greater responsibilities than non-citizens. Citizens have the right to vote, where as non-citizens do not. George Jean Nathan, an American journalist, once said, “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” Citizens have a moral obligation to themselves, their children, and future generations to voice their opinion. By not paying attention to the government and ignoring what is going on in the world, the people of the U.S. are giving the government a chance to abuse their powers. It is human nature to try and grab power when the opportunity strikes. If the citizens are not conscious of what their elected leaders are doing, it defeats the entire purpose of electing them in the beginning. Citizens need to exercise their role in politics to the fullest extent. To some this may seem like a burden, but in reality it truly is a privilege. There are numerous countries still fighting communism; a form of government where a small group of people decide for everyone what they can and cannot do. Americans are blessed with the right to freedom of speech. They should voice their ideas by banding together. In large groups, people are a direct influence to those in power.
It is now the 21st century and technology is constantly making leaps and bounds. Americans are always finding new ways receive information. In the last ten years the internet has revolutionized how information gets delivered. Today, people can stay up to date by simply visiting political blogs and forums on the net. Eventually, people will not even have to be on a computer to access this information, and instead have it streamed through their mobile phones. These jumps in media technology all lead to the same question; how can people know what information they read is the truth? As citizens in this relentless industrial revolution we have the responsibility to find a way to eliminate the dissemination of biased information. By achieving this goal of presenting only the facts, America’s government will change from the current cloudy opaqueness to more successful transparent operation.
The former ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, commented, “As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the law-givers and the law abiding, the beginning and the end.” Citizens who stay vigilant to the government in the 21st century will promote a healthier democracy, a system where everybody has the knowledge and ability to participate effectively.
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