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Christianity and Islam ‘don’t mix,’ man says at Trudeau town hall. People booed, but the PM engaged

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Mar 7, 2018
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From Global News

Christianity and Islam ‘don’t mix,’ man says at Trudeau town hall. People booed, but the PM engaged

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced more questions about immigration policy at the University of Regina on Thursday, in the second town hall he hosted in two nights.

This time, the question covered Canada’s borders — and suggested that Christianity and Islam “don’t mix.”

A man who claimed to have lived in the Regina area for all his life told Trudeau he was watching what was happening on the “world stage,” and asked the prime minister what he was doing about Canada’s “open border.”

“I’m looking at the fact that Germany, France and a bunch of other European countries that stood up on the same side of the fence when tyranny was coming down on us, we’ve got an open border allowing this stuff to come in freely, and what are we doing about that thing in particular, an open border?” he asked.
(emphasis added)


Posted mainly to show that there ARE different ways for Heads of Government to operate.

Of course the secondary reason is also to show that there isn't an American monopoly on people who don't know which side of the line Germany stood on in the "For Tyranny"/"Against Tyranny" issue during WWII.

Your thoughts?
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