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Chinese military dismisses South Korea concerns over trespassing spy plane

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Mar 7, 2018
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From United Press International

Chinese military dismisses South Korea concerns over trespassing spy plane

Nov. 30 (UPI) -- China's defense ministry suggested Friday South Korea should not raise the issue of Chinese military aircraft trespassing in Korea's Air Defense Identification Zone.

Chinese defense ministry spokesman Ren Quoqiang told reporters Friday at a regular press briefing South Korea's KADIZ is not sovereign airspace, although the zone was established in 1951 during the Korean War.

Seoul filed an official complaint with Beijing's ambassador to South Korea after a Chinese military aircraft, possibly a Y-9 reconnaissance plane, entered the KADIZ on Monday -- the seventh time this year the Chinese trespassed South Korea airspace without notification, South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo reported.


OK, that's the "Official Version", but you also have to consider that:

  1. there is no such thing as an Air Defence Identification Zone under international law (the fact that the US government says that there is is totally irrelevant);
  2. there is absolutely no legal prohibition on any country flying its aircraft in a area that another country has unilaterally claimed is in its ADIZ;
  3. the US government is firmly committed to the position that flying military aircraft into an area that another country has unilaterally claimed is in its ADIZ is 100% lawful under international law;
  4. you cannot "trespass" on property that another nation does not own;
  5. unilaterally declaring an area to be in a country's unilaterally declared ADIZ does NOT grant that country any "ownership" of that area; and
  6. a country that has unilaterally declared an area as its ADIZ has absolutely zero legal authority to interfere, in any way, with aircraft flying in that area (true, the country can inform the other aircraft that it is in an ADIZ and REQUEST that aircraft to leave, but if that aircraft does not comply with that REQUEST there is nothing that the country that unilaterally declared the area to be an ADIZ can do about it short of committing an act of war).

In short, when the PRC tells the ROK not to get its knickers in a know because it has a perfect right to do what it is doing, the PRC has the law 100% on its side.

PS - Had the incident involved a USAF aircraft and a PRC ADIZ, then the headline would have had to read

"Chinese Make Stupid Protest Over Legal Routine Peaceful USAF Airborne Electronics Training Mission".
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