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China Snubs US on Russia (1 Viewer)


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Jul 13, 2012
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Friday, it was reported that Biden called Xi and "warned" Xi of consequences China will face resulting from supporting and helping Russia as sanctions are tightened.

Xi was apparently not only unafraid of the warnings and threatened consequences, he actually dissed our Corn Pop fighter.

China released a statement saying that the US needed to update its approaches and understandings of the new world order:

"The statement then lectured the US saying,

"an enduring solution would be for major countries to respect each other,
reject the Cold War mentality,
refrain from bloc confrontation, and
build step by step a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture for the region and for the world,"

even as it positioned China as a major player on equal footing with the US."

It's too bad. We had a good run.

"In general, there is little press freedom in India; therefore, the papers, including the TOI, reports news in favor of the ruling party. In this case, the ruling party is right-leaning and hence the bias of the Times of India."

Failed Fact Checks

"Overall, we rate The Times of India Right-Center Biased based on reporting and story selection that favors the right-leaning ruling party. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to four failed fact checks."
Perhaps we should have waited to publicly announce a new Cold War on China, if we expected to keep collaborating with them geopolitically like we did in the 70s and 80s.
The days when we might "make" China to do something are long since gone. Anyone with a semi-working brain should have picked this up with Trump's tariffs which achieved nothing and went nowhere. China is a global superpower and very much the overall equal of the United States at this point. Sometime this century they will be the dominant technological, economic, industrial, military and cultural entity on this planet. The great-grandchildren of today's most fervent anti-China hawks will be hoping and praying that they got admittance into a Chinese university, or dreaming of being able to see a Chinese moon base with their own eyes. That is where we are currently headed.

So, anyone who believed Joe Biden could actually influence China's decision making on a subject like this was equally deluded as their counterparts thinking Trump's tariffs might work.

The bottom line: we can express an opinion, and China can choose to entertain that opinion or tell us to take a hike. It appears they're opting for the latter. If the US Government wants to really make a difference, invest $200B++ a year in a national strategic industrial policy around semiconductor manufacturing, energy storage, rare earth elements, quantum computing and all the other industry sectors that China either already dominates or is poised to.

That might send a message. A phone call? Not so much.
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