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China and Covid-19


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Jan 21, 2009
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MULTIPLE CHOICE - pick all you think is true

A virologist has stated as fact that covid-19 was created by the Chinese military by using a bat virus non-harmful to humans and somehow altering using monkeys to make it lethal to humans. She also claims this was released upon the world by the Chinese military. This could have two positive effects for China.

1. China is increasingly being overwhelmed with non-productive elderly Chinese due to China's One Child Policy - covering a whooping 1979 until 2015 (some allowed to have 2). The eliminated 400 million new young people being born. One-child policy - Wikipedia
Covid-19 most kills the elderly, while essentially harmless to children and young adults. Eliminating old people is worth trillions to the Chinese government.

2. Shattering other countries economies and shutting down nearly all their dwindling factories - shifting even more then to Chinese sweatshops - and crippling the economy also hampers military development of other countries.

3. Instantly preventing Honk Kong protests.

China and the WHO grotesquely lied over and over, falsely claiming covid-19 is harmless. So even if you do not believe the virologist, it seems FACT that the Chinese government lied for weeks to insure it spread throughout the world.

One-child policy - Wikipedia
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