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Chemical Weapon Discovered in University of Texas Dorm Room (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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2 students at the University of Texas found ricin inside a roll of quarters in their dorm room. Ricin is a deadly poison, and is used in some chemical weapons. The students were taken to a hospital, which showed they were not contaminated by the substance.

Now the interesting question. Where did the ricin come from, and what was it doing in a roll of quarters? Is this a signal that a terrorist attack may be in the works from either a Middle Eastern group, or one of the home grown Texas Neonazi or KKK groups? A couple of years ago, a KKK group in Texas was caught with a sodium cynanice bomb powerful enough to kill thousands of people. Could be either case. It also could be the result of a deranged chemistry student. Whatever the case, this is a serious development.

Article is here.

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