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Charlie Sheen says "911" was an inside Job


Jun 6, 2005
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Sheen Challenge to Media

"I dare you to print this email in it's entirety ...

The mere fact that you did a cut and paste job of the slanderous and idiotic Marine Hyde London Journal piece, speaks volumes about your credibility as a major media entity.

Like so many other mainstream outlets, domestically and abroad, no attention whatsoever is given to the questions I raise or the evidence that stimulated those very questions.

Instead, low-brow idiotic hit pieces are spewed forth in an effort to sway the readers' opinion of the messenger while blatantly disregarding any of the potentially valuable content of the story. It's transparent sandbox propaganda as dated and cheap as the paper it's printed on.

Do a little research on Building Seven. Building Seven lives at the epicenter of my entire debate. Prove yourself worthy of genuine investigative journalism. Look at the video evidence.

Observe the same data I have. Submit a formal request to the Pentagon or the DOD to release video PROOF that flight 77 did exactly as they claim. You will be stonewalled. You will be dismissed unconditionally. If there is nothing to hide - why are they hiding it?

To avoid any confusion - I reiterate:

Building Seven - Pentagon video documentation.

If any portion, or portions of this text is any way deleted or manipulated, you will only confirm what myself and countless others have suspected all along: Media complicity with no interest in the truth.

A CNN poll at the time of this writing currently sits at 84 percent IN SUPPORT of my views.

Say what you must about me - it means nothing.

Yet, if you continue to overlook the hard questions and physical evidence regarding 9/11 - you only confirm what so many of us "Conspiracy Idiots" have suspected all along - The Official Report is, at best, an insulting work of FICTION.

Charlie Sheen"


By the way 65% of the people polled before and after seeing this episode say they believe the government conspired 911...Once we have the media actually getting another side that questions what happened with the media NOW having a show actually questioning the government's "evidence" of what really happened on 911...also Charlie Sheen said this on a local texas radio show......

"Were not the conspiracy theorists..on this particular issue...Its seems to me, like 19 amatuers with box cutters, taking over 4 commercial airplanes and hitting 75% of their targets...thats a conspiracy theory."

"I have a hard time believing that a fireball travelled down the elevator over 11,000 feet, and still had the explosive energy to destroy the lobby as it was describe...I said 'hey call me insane...but did it sorta look like that them buildings came down in a controlled demolishing' "

I know this isnt war on terror but 911 created bascially created the war on terror
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