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Canada Getting Conservative


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Jan 5, 2006
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Celebration time!

St. Petersburg Times, Monday January 3rd

TORONTO - Unless every national poll is amiss, what has been perhaps the world's winningest political party is heading for a humiliating defeat today.

Canadians will vote today for a new leader and House of Commons, and Stephen Harper, 46, an economist and social conservative, appears poised to lead his Conservative Party to a victory over Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal Party, something that seemed highly improbably just a few weeks ago.


Liberals' numbers began slipping after a teenage girl was killed by a stray bullet in downtown Toronto while shopping on Dec. 26th. Harper quickly responded with a platform that was tough on crime and promised stricter measures to keep illegal guns from being smuggled across the U.S. border.

The Liberals' popularity slipped even more this month when it was revealed that police were investigating a possible leak by Liberal government officials that may have influenced the stock market.

Finally! The Canadians are coming to their senses and electing leaders who's ideals weren't formulated their freshman year at Harvard.

Gogo conservatives!

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Well the rest of America (execpt USA) is going socialist.

So go socialism go:)
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