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California's Governator Arnie

Mr. D

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Sep 19, 2005
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California's Governator Arnie the friend of education!

Our fine California governator got elected by trying to look like a moderate out to bring Californians together! Then he did everything he could to pull money out of education, pensions, police and fire services, hospital staff and public works while sucking up as much money as he could from corporations in direct opposition to his promises! He got slammed by the voters for his attempt to go around the legislature with propositions to give him the powers of a king! NOW HE HAS SEEN THE LIGHT! HE'S REBORN! HE JUST WANTS TO GET ALONG AND SPEND MONEY! Now he wants to work with the legislature and spend money like a drunken sailor by floating bonds and building a new Kawli-fornia!

Our fine California govenator has only one value! Say, and do anything to keep in power! He's a far right Republican in chameleon's clothing! At least I could respect him a little if he had some core values! Can you imagine he actually called Kerry a flip flopper! He reminds me of a Brown Trout I caught who "flip flopped" out of the boat back into the lake!

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It is sad that CA was saddled with such a republican Governor. But presumably the electorate has learned the lesson that just because the dude is a movie star and talks tough doesn't mean he delivers.
Not getting sucked in by people like Arnie requires that you pay attention to the issues! Most people watch the non news of the major networks and fall for the latest sheep hearding scare tactics!

"Understanding the issues is way too much trouble! Can you tell me what to think in 30 seconds, 'Survivor, backing biting like in high school' is coming on! I can't miss that!":doh
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