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C-mon dems: censure & impeach Bush?

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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What are the democrats waiting for? Have we not heard volumes on how Bush is spying on Americans, & destroying civil rights, behaving like a "king"?

Not to be outdone by just those crimes but remember, "Bush lied about the war in Iraq, & Bush might have even blew up the New Orleans levees cause he hates our black folks & the poor ..& even the possibilty opined by Howard Dean by; ''How do we know Bush didn't have anything to do with 9/11"?

Even the media is giving the public constant updates on all the new approval ratings by all their polls which "show" Bush's ratings at the lowest.

Feingold dropped the bomb on censure, & the possibilty of impeachment ..but the congressional democrats are running AWAY from him.

All we are getting from the democrats is just talk, talk, & more anti Bush talk, ..but never any honest democratic party action to censure, or have him removed through impeachment hearings.

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