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Bush Family Accountant Arrested For Serious Crimes


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Mar 13, 2005
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The Reputed Cocaine Bank Money Laundry Wizard
For George Bush Family
Arrested In Chicago

By Sherman H. Skolnick

The reputed cocaine bank money laundry wizard for former President George Herbert Walker Bush and two of his sons has been arrested in Chicago. The matter is tied as well reportedly to corrupt top IRS Officials, Chicago Region Office fingered by our work.

Giorgio Pelossi, a prominent Swiss accountant, was arrested January 20, 2000, at O'Hare International Airport, after officials of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS,found he was wanted on an international arrest warrant issued in Milan, Italy, about a year previous. Pelossi, 61, was somehow actually traveling under his own name. His name showed up on a passenger manifest in a routine check provided to officials of the INS.[Savvy sources, however, dispute that it was so "routine" but was rather a follow up of matters outlined in our TV documentary, 11/29/99.]

In his appearance before a Federal Magistrate in Chicago, Pelossi agreed not to oppose being sent back to Italy by extradition. Pelossi signed papers in Chicago's Federal District Court waiving his right to a hearing in Chicago.

Pelossi is reportedly the cocaine bank money laundry expert for the former president and two of his sons, Texas Governor George W. Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Some claim that the matter also reportedly implicates the other son, Neil Bush, who escaped federal prison through a reputedly corrupt arrangement upon the downfall of Denver-based Silverado Savings & Loan Association, an apparent CIA proprietary operation of which Neil Bush was an official. Some contend Silverado, at the hands of Neil Bush, was likewise a money laundry for illicit funds including reportedly narcotics trafficking. For a year or more now, journalists and commentators in Spain have been writing and talking about the Elder Bush and two of his sons, George W. and Jeb, being reportedly implicated in billions of dollars of dope money laundered through banks in Spain, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. The cocaine banking cartel, for which Pelossi reportedly was the kingpin and brains, was centered in Milan and Barcelona. According to stories, some date-lined Rome, in December, 1995, by Reuters, United Press International, and other news and law enforcement personnel, Italian authorities contended they had proof leading them to assert that the Archbishop of Barcelona was implicated with the Vatican Bank and others in a vast money laundry ring reportedly involving, among others:

[1] FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CICERO (a Chicago suburb, Al Capone Land, a long-known mafia enclave). Later it became the flagship of PINNACLE BANC GROUP. Still later, to confuse matters, the bank was called Old Kent Bank, a unit whose head office is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pinnacle was the successor and alter ego to the mysterious, scandal-wrecked, BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL, which supposedly (although not actually) went under in 1991. BCCI was a reputed assassination and espionage funding apparatus for various intelligence agencies, including the American CIA, the French CIA, and Israel's The Mossad (The Institute).

Bishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the VATICAN BANK until 1991, was also the dominant force controlling First National Bank of Cicero. Marcinkus was originally from Cicero and ran a church there. Marcinkus fled the Vatican, sheltering himself with his Vatican passport, when Italian authorities sought to grill him and possibly prosecute him for various criminal offenses he reportedly committed as Vatican Bank chief. He returned to the U.S. and lives in Sun City, Arizona.

[2] Roger D'Onofrio, an American CIA official, with dual citizenship, U.S. and Italy, living near Naples, Italy. Italian authorities, in the wire service and other stories of December, 1995, described him as the CIA's secret paymaster in Italy, to fund political assassinations of those not liked by the American CIA, and to pay-off or destroy opposition parties in the Italian government.

The Pelossi-Marcinkus-D'Onofrio ring reportedly, through Vatican Bank and other financial institutions, trafficked in smuggled gold, osmium nuclear bomb triggers, high quality counterfeit foreign currencies, and other illicit goods and services. With the corrupt connivance of top officials of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, Chicago Region office, Pelossi reportedly arranged the laundering of billions of dollars through concealed and dummy accounts, reportedly in the following banks, among others; and for and on behalf reportedly of George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, and the Elder Bush, their father: HARRIS BANK OF CHICAGO, and their Foreign Exchange section, called ForEx, a unit of BANK OF MONTREAL owned principally by the whiskey-soaked BRONFMAN FAMILY [SEAGRAMS booze, Cineplex Odeon movie theater chain, as well as numerous operations of records-entertainment in California].

The former major owner of Harris Bank, now also a major stockholder of Bank of Montreal, is U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R.,Ill.). Harris Bank/Bank of Montreal are interlocked with the worldwide Mexican bank cartel, Grupo Financiero Bancomer. In May, 1998, Bancomer pleaded guilty to U.S. federal criminal charges of vast dope money laundering. They tried to whitewash the matter with an explanation on their website: http://www.bancomer.com

Bancomer has operated in the U.S. through branches in Los Angeles and New York. Their attempt to open a branch in Chicago was opposed by one or more City of Chicago Alderman who referred to the Bancomer criminal guilty plea. Yet, the Federal Reserve apparently is ready to let Bancomer operate throughout the U.S. in various units. Bancomer is not only reportedly implicated in the Russian embezzlement caper, where many billions of dollars disappeared or were laundered. They also are reportedly implicated in the ring of which Pelossi has been the brains and kingpin, for the Bush Family and others, Portugal, SPAIN, Italy, and elsewhere, including Morocco, and COLUMBIA.

Harris Bank also has secret and dummy accounts of reputed terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN. His concealed accounts are reportedly jointly with SHARON PERCY ROCKEFELLER, top official in Washington, D.C. of PBS, and her family. She is the wife of U.S. SENATOR JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER 4th (D., West Virginia). Her family reportedly are in the construction business with bin Laden. [President Clinton says he cannot "find" reputed terrorist bin Laden's accounts to freeze them. Really?]

In October, 1998, we confronted top officials of Harris Bank in Chicago with their secret accounts of the mysterious 50 million dollars of federal agency funds originally parked with Household Bank which merged with Harris Bank. The funds, belonging to Joseph Andreuccetti, were secretly transferred without his permission to Little Rock, Arkansas, to try to cover up the embezzlement of Madison Guaranty S & L, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution for stealing bank funds.

REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK: The bank is a reputed money laundry for smuggled gold as used by the intelligence agencies, such as the American CIA. The principal owner of the Bank, Edmond J. Safra, was murdered in December, 1999, supposedly by the acts and doings of his purported male "nurse", an unstable former member reportedly of the Green Berets, apparently part of one of their "hit" teams. As to the murder of Safra, visit our website: http://www.skolnicksreport.com and see the story, "Murder in the Gold Market" as well as the update.

The arrest of Giorgio Pelossi is apparently just another event related to our one-hour public access Cable TV Documentary cablecast within Chicago, to some 400,000 viewers, on November 29, 1999. Our program, called "Broadsides", showed pictures of an ocean-going boat, renamed "California Rose", a reputed traveling money laundry, plying between MEXICO, through the Caribbean, including stopping at the Dutch Island of St.Maartens, a dope laundry haven, and then on to Portugal and SPAIN.

The boat, as we stated, is a reported gambling casino, apparently owned and operated by current, recently current, and former top U.S. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE officials, Chicago Region office. For some twenty years, they reportedly operated a dope traffic "immunity" zone in a western suburb of Chicago, four large buildings called Kingspoint Condominiums. The buildings, originally owned by Joseph Andreuccetti, were seized by the corrupt IRS officials, NOT for the public Treasury, BUT FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTEREST. Andreuccetti was kept in an apparent fraudulent INVOLUNTARY Bankruptcy, for almost 14 years, at the connivance of First National Bank of Cicero and the nephew and godson of Bishop Paul Marcinkus. Reportedly participating in all this was Congressman Henry Hyde [R.,Ill.] who lived near Kingspoint.

For details, see the three part series "Corrupt IRS Officials Face Exposure in Dope Bust". Part 3 has pictures of the IRS boat. Visit our website: http://www.skolnicksreport.com

Our sending six heavy volumes of corruption documents to the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury apparently caused the dope bust situation in January, 2000, as well as the arrest of Pelossi.

Pelossi is reportedly interwoven with the German political scandal that has tarred former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and his conservative political party, the Christian Democratic Union. Pelossi, according to published reports, has provided German prosecutors with information about alleged pay-offs to German political figures.

[The Chicago Sun-Times on January 27, 2000, had a much-censored, watered down story about Pelossi leaving out many details that the presslords are well aware are involved about the Bush family and the corrupt IRS.]
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