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Bureaucracy frustrates U.S. Gulf oil spill efforts


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Jun 1, 2006
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Reuters AlertNet - Bureaucracy frustrates U.S. Gulf oil spill efforts

Quote(The incidents followed a weeks-long effort by state and local officials to have a plan approved to construct sand berms to protect barrier islands from encroaching oil, an effort that is expected to cost $360 million.

Young said he supported a military-style chain of command where someone at the top has the power the make quick decisions putting response plans into action and making sure that crews have the equipment they need.

"Absolutely -- one person. Maybe they need an escrow account for that. Get one military person who knows the chain of command to get things done, because this is a war-type situation," Young said. "We can't be deciding and executing by committee because it's just not getting done.")

What Mr. Young does not seem to understand is that President Obama's entire mode of Governance is by committee. This is the Socialist way, responsibility is passed from person to person, apparently never arriving at anyone who can say 'the Buck stops here' and only stops being passed when the next problem rears it's ugly head.
I feel utmost sympathy for the residents of Gulf States for it is bad enough they have to put up with excuses from BP, they do not expect to have same intransigence from Obama and his appointed Czar's while he goes swanning off for his Golf games!
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