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Breaking Down the Oklahoma Filing Deadline

Oklahoma's official candidates are =finally- available on Ballotpedia. Here are the highlights.

U.S. Senate
Republican incumbent James Lankford (R) takes on CEO of Honest Attorneys Joan Farr (R) and unknown Jackson Lahmeyer (R) in his party's primary. Meanwhile, there is a six-candidate Democratic primary. Notable Democrats include security overseer at Sandia National Laboratories Dennis Baker (D), attorney Jason Bollinger (D), teacher Jo Glenn (D), and union committee chairman at IUOE local 351(engineers union) Brandon Wade (D)

District 1:
This is district is already in the general election season. Incumbent Republican Kevin Hern (R) takes on legal assistant Adam Martin (D) and 202 House candidate Evelyn Rogers (I).

District 2:
This open seat has 14 Republicans vying for the nomination. Meanwhile, unknown Naomi Andrews (D) is unopposed in the Democratic primary. Notable Republicans include former Oklahoma State Representative John R. Bennett (R), former Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen (R), former Oklahoma State Representative David Derby (R), Oklahoma State Representative Avery Carl Frix (R), graduate from Southeastern Oklahoma State University Pamela Gordon (R), former 2020 candidate for the same seat Rhonda Hopkins (R), Tahlequa, OK native Wes Nofire (R), Oklahoma State Senator Martin Quinn (R), Oklahoma State Representative Dustin Roberts (R), CEO of Economy Pharma Christ Schiller (R), and 2018 State Senate candidate Erick Wyatt (R). The winner of the Republican primary and Naomi Andrews (D) will take on unknown Ben Robinson (I) in the general election.

District 3:
Republican incumbent Frank Lucas (R) takes on Istoria Ministries President Wade Burleson (R) and unknown Stephen Butler (R) in his party's primary. Meanwhile, unknown Jeremiah Ross (D) is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

District 4:
Republican incumbent Tom Cole (R) takes on unknown Frank Blacke (R) and 2016 candidate for the same seat James Taylor (R -- no, not that one). Meanwhile, school counselor and teacher for the Purcell ISD Mary Brannon (D) is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

District 5:
Republican incumbent Stephanie Bice (R) takes on unknown Subrina Banks (R). Meanwhile, 2016 candidate for the 2nd District Joshua Harris-Till runs unpposed in the Democratic primary. The winner of the Republican primary and Joshua Harriis-Till will take on unknown David Frosch (I) in the general election.

Republican incumbent Kevin Stitt (R) takes on Army veteran Joel Kintsel (R), homeschool parent Moira McCabe (R), and naturopathic doctor Mark Sherwood (R) in his party's primary. Meanwhile, Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister (D) takes on former Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson (D). The winners of the two primaries will take on director of digital strategy Natalie Bruno (L) and former Oklahoma State Senator Ervin Yen (D).

Outstanding States:
April: NONE!
May: Minnesota, Vermont,
June: Connecticut, Hawaii, Wisconsin (Up NEXT!), Alaska, Kansas, New Hampshire, Florida

At this time, I will be starting the primary coverage as well.
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