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NOTE - I am not the author of this article. I have provided a link below.

Almost everyday I get email responses to my essays, usually containing lots of two word expletives, e.g. “sand nigger”, “rag head”, “towel head”, “eat ****”, “sheep lover”; almost all the emails originate from within the US. Apart from intellectual bankruptcy, the replies also indicate a deep-seated hatred, shaped by a fanatical mindset. Since stereotyping is wrong, I did ask myself the question, are those Americans, exceptional or typical.

Perhaps this is the result of ‘educating’ Americans at one level by people like Thomas Friedman, Charles Krauthammer and Daniel Pipes. At a more basic level, it is the result of getting informed by Hollywood movies, Jerry Springer, Fox-TV and the likes. Fox-TV is where you get to see analytical ‘debates’ between an extreme neo-con and a moderate neo-con! I came to this conclusion after encountering claims like, Afghans are Arabs, Muslims are a race, Muslims are idol or moon worshippers, and Muslims are engaging in forced conversion in the Darfur region, being all Muslims, maybe they are forcing each other to convert from Islam to Islam!

Anyway, I began to think about those two word responses, and thought of the possibility of my being both, wrong and a “sand nigger”. There after, I renounced all my previous writings, written whilst I was clearly misguided and brainwashed by the Arabs and Muslim terrorists. What the neo-cons are saying makes perfect sense, indeed Bush is guided by the Divine. Listed below is my new view of history and the world. So, let us proceed with the issues, fasten your seat belts, sit tight and I will show you the world according to the neo-cons, Zionists, right-wing Republicans, fundamentalist Christians and the KKK.

© 2005 Yamin Zakaria

Source - http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/16812

Are Neo-Con Sympathizers BRAINWASHED?
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You can thanks Ogrish.com for the term "raghead" and so on. WHile most of the peeps on there go to watch the beheadings of Americans in Iraq (its membership rocketed after Nick BuggerIshouldn'thavegonetoIraq lost his nodge) they do tend to voice a particularly vehement form of racism towards Muslims. Weird given they wouldn't have a lot to look at if al-Zarqawi has given them so much entertainment over the past year or so.


Sticks n stones my friend, sticks n stones.

Shalom, Salamaat... Peace.
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that is not the whole article, the best part was actually left out. :smile:
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