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Boycot the boston harbor hotel


Jan 14, 2005
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From: freedom69_714@hotmail.com
Sent: Sat 7/17/10 3:59 PM

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Commission Against Discrimination

One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108

Phone: (617) 994-6000 Fax: (617) 994-6024



FILING DATE: 07/13/10


Name of Aggrieved Person or Organization:

Paul Saia

160 Commandants Way

Chelsea, MA 02150

Named is the employer, labor organization, employment agency, or state/local government agency who discriminated against me:

Boston Harbor Hotel

Attn: Director of Human Resources

70 Rowes Warf

Boston, MA 02110

No, of Employees:

20 +

Work Location:

Cause of Discrimination based on:

Disability (perceived Mental Il1ness

The particulars are:

I, Paul Saia, the Complainant believe that I was discriminated against by Boston Harbor Hotel, on the basis of Disability.

This is in violation ofM.G.L. 272 Section 98.

I. I am a member of the Boston Harbor Sailing Club. The club requires a minimum of two people on a boat.

2. The club has a launch and a call box in Rowe's Wharf to enable club members to access the boats.

3. On July 3, 2010, I was unsuccessful in looking for a second crewmate, so I held up a sign stating that I am looking

for crew to go sailing at the public walkway in front of the launch and call box. This walkway abuts the Boston

Harbor Hotel.

4. The hotel security guard approached me and told me to take the sign down and leave the property. He informed

me that I was trespassing. I explained that I belong to the boat club which has a launch in that wharf, and that I

was not trespassing. The guard stated that the boat club is in Charlestown, and that there was no launch in that

wharf. Despite the fact that I identified the launch and the call box, he flatly denied that there was any launch.

5. Many club members utilize this launch, and it is common knowledge that the launch belongs to the club. I invited

the security guard to approach the call box so that I could show him that it was labeled "Boston Harbor SaHing

Club" and that I was on the walkway for a legitimate reason. He then proceeded to say to me, "You are retarded."

6. The altercation became heated, and he pushed me into the dome structure in the walkway. We tousled for some

time, and I swung at him in self-defense. He pushed me to the ground. I believe that the physical altercation was

recorded on the hotel surveillance cameras.

7. While he had me on the ground, the guard told one of his co-workers to call the police. The police told me to

leave the premises, but did not complete a report.

8, I believe that [ was discriminated against based on my perceived disability of mental illness.
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I promise I won't ever stay there, if you promise not to post this thread multiple times all over the forum.
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