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Bottom line, what's the off ramp?


The tolerant left? I'm the intolerant left.
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Dec 11, 2020
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Assuming we all don't end up getting vaporized by nuclear weapons or die of radiation poisoning, what do we, as a world need to do to bring this to a close?

I'd suggest that Ukraine agree to abstain from any attempt to join NATO for a period of at least ten years and consider ceding the Donbas region (long a stronghold for Russian separatists anyway) to Russia in exchange for guarantees of future territorial sovereignty and an agreement from Russia to pay for reparations for the physical damage done to their country. There should be reparations paid to the families of civilians killed as well, but Putin would never agree to this. At least an agreement to pay for physical reparations could be rationalized as being necessary due to errant bombing runs.

As much as these concessions are deeply offensive we have to recognize that Putin will never end this without some face-saving take-aways.
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