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Bolton, in rejecting Newsmax host’s assertion, says Trump ‘barely knew where Ukraine was’ (1 Viewer)

Jay Falcon

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Jul 17, 2019
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Bolton, in rejecting Newsmax host’s assertion, says Trump ‘barely knew where Ukraine was’

Former national security adviser John Bolton rejected a claim from a Newsmax host who asserted that the behavior of President Donald Trump deterred the Russians from invading Ukraine. Bolton emphasized that Trump “barely knew where Ukraine was.”

Speaking with the conservative network Monday night, Bolton sat back as host Rob Schmitt listed Trump accomplishments that the broadcaster claimed helped hinder Russia from attacking Ukraine. All the while, the pro-Trump network displayed a chyron that read, “Trump was tough on Russia.”
But Bolton, who has become a vocal critic of Trump, denied that his former boss was tough on Russia, claiming that Trump complained about any sanctions on Russian oligarchs in the United States. Then Bolton, who said Trump “did not” do a better job with Russia than President Biden, went one step further about Trump’s knowledge of Ukraine.

“The fact is that he barely knew where Ukraine was,” he said.

Here's the genius Republicans look up to:

During the interview, Bolton claimed that Trump once asked then-White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly whether Finland was part of Russia. The former national security adviser emphasized that the narrative on Newsmax regarding the Ukraine invasion was a departure from reality.
Fake news.

But Xiden doesn't know where he is
Here's the genius Republicans look up to:

I'm convinced Trump paid people to take his exams at Wharton after his daddy paid to get him in with his low grades. His teacher said he was the dumbest student he'd ever taught.

The only people who don't realize Trump is an idiot are other idiots.
Fake news.

But Xiden doesn't know where he is

Bill Barr
John Kelly
Rex Tillerson
James Mattis
John Bolton

All worked closely with Trump and all agree he's an idiot. Of course, the Trump cult will deny reality but we have Trump on tape proving he's an idiot.

We have Trump on video wondering how hairspray he uses in his closed hotel room can possibly affect the ozone layer. Or his idiotic suggestion about combating COVID with disinfectants and UV light.
He knew enough about Ukraine to try and extort them to investigate his rival. That's all he needed to know.
Yep, and even there, he just believed everything Rudy told him. Trump seemed to honestly believe that Biden was extorting Ukraine to protect his son. How can a president know nothing about his own government? How come I know that the world demanded Shokin be removed, including Ron Johnson; that Joe Biden was vice-president, therefore working on behalf of the president, and Trump, the POTUS, does not?

People here repeat the conspiracy theory daily. I dunno. Stupidity explains only so much. Somewhere, a disorder is the controlling factor here.
Far and away Trump was the dumbest President in my lifetime.

Remember the disinfectant, bleach fiasco ..I mean you talk about stupid.


Here's the genius Republicans look up to:


What do you expect from an idiot who never heard of Yosemite and who was standing in the middle of rubble in Paradise, California and thought he was standing in Pleasure?

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