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Body scanner triumvorate: Chopra-Soros & Chertoff


Nov 8, 2010
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Here's an amazing coincidence. Micheal Chertoff, the last homeland security guy, is connected to Radidscan. That's the company who makes the full body "naked" scanners. Purely by another coincidence, Radidscan is a subsidiary of OSI Systems. And guess who, until early this week when the story broke, also held 12,000 shares of OSI stock, George Soros. Isn't this a cozy little arrangement? Does Isreal use a lot of highly expensive equipment to keep their people safe? NOOOO. They use low tech and cheap dogs. Dogs can also do non-invasive body cavity checks as well. Too bad Chertoff and Soros can't make money on dogs or we'd use them too.

A look at OSI Systems, Inc., including its Rapiscan subsidiary identifies Deepak Chopra as the president and CEO. Chopra, individually and through his PAC, has been identified as a significant donor to the Democratic party, including contributions to the campaigns of Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that he accompanied President Obama and his royal entourage by invitation on his recent trip to India to promote further trade between the two countries. The trip was paid for by U.S. tax dollars.

Investigation into the financials of Rapiscan and its parent company becomes even more interesting when it is learned that George Soros also holds a financial stock interest in the company.
As of last June, Soros held about 12,000 shares of OSI stock.
Chopra -Soros & Chertoff Connected to "Naked" Body Scanners... - WELL REGULATED AMERICAN MILITIAS !
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