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Body run over by 11 trains before found

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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This is...... horrible :shock: :(

THE operator of a New York subway train that ground to a sudden stop when a woman fell between its cars overlooked her body while searching the track bed - and then resumed the trip, running over her with another six cars.
The New York Post reported that 10 more trains then passed over her remains before anyone noticed.
The tragedy unfolded as Arabell Lin, 25, who had a prosthetic right leg, was walking between the cars of a subway train March 28.
After she fell, she hit a device on one of the cars that triggers the emergency brake when the train encounters an obstruction.
The operator, whose name was not released, got out of the cab and spent seven minutes walking up and down the track, looking under each car for whatever caused the train to stop - then climbed aboard and continued the trip.
Police interviewed the operator, who said he was unaware that someone was stuck under the train, according to law enforcement officials.

..But investigators who re-enacted the incident determined he did not spend enough time searching.
"If she was still alive, (the operator) messed up her chances," said one train operator.
"Based upon the investigation of this accident, it was concluded that the train operator failed to properly investigate," a New York City Transit spokesman said.
Lin's relatives could not be reached for comment.
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