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Blasphemy convict shot to death in jail (1 Viewer)


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Nov 17, 2004
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LAHORE: Blasphemy convict Yousaf Ali, also known as Yousaf Kazab, convicted for a famous blasphemy case in August 2000, was shot dead by a fellow prisoner in Kot Lakhpat Central Jail as he was being shifted to another cell on Tuesday afternoon.

The killer, Tariq alias Mota, who belongs to a banned religious organisation, was being kept in the same cell after being given the death sentence in another murder case.

What the hell did he say to be stuck in the same cell with a convicted murderer?
Well, this isn't really "today's news" as this happened back in 2002.

Here's a bit more info:

A case of blasphemy was registered against Yousuf Ali, a Sufi mystic and scholar of Islam, by a member of an Islamist organization on 29 March 1997 who claimed that Yousuf Ali had committed ''blasphemy by expressing his determination and views of being the continuity of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)''. The charges included offences under sections 295A, 295C, 289A, 505(2), 420 and 406 Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Yousuf Ali was arrested on the same day. When the family received death threats from local religious extremists, Yousuf Ali's wife resigned her post as Associate Professor of economics at a government college and went into hiding along with their children.
The circumstances in which a pistol could be brought into the jail and used against a prisoner in a death cell remain unclear. Local newspapers reported that on 11 June, prisoners from Block Seven, including Yousuf Ali, were shifted to Block One in an unscheduled move. As Yousuf Ali was taken to a cell in Block One, its inmate, Mohammad Tariq alias Mota pulled out a pistol and shot Yousuf Ali dead at point-blank range. Local media reported that Tariq, an Islamist activist who had been sentenced to death in May 1999 in a murder case and is on trial for two other murders, admitted that the pistol had been in his possession for some four months. Another convicted prisoner was quoted in local newspapers as saying that the jail administration provided the opportunity for the murder when they accepted bribes to allow the pistol to be brought into the prison.

While human rights and minority rights organisations in Pakistan have condemned the killing, several Islamist groups have publicly welcomed it and offered to pay compensation to obtain the release of the perpetrator who in some parts of the national media has been praised for his deed....

There are so many things wrong going on with this story.
Well, when the theocracy takes over in this country, all the blasphemers on this website including: Arch Enemy, Contrarian, Naughty Nurse, Urethra, and ME are going to be toast!

Don't be fooled: Christians are just as capable of religious violence as the Muslims are.

As long as we keep chiseling away at the wall that separates church from state, Christian fundamentalist violence becomes more of a real possibilty.

If you don't believe me, just look at European history, or even that of Massachusetts, to see what happens when church and state are one.

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