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Black people no longer fooled by BLM


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Dec 3, 2013
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WATCH: Black Chicago Residents Interrupt BLM Rally To Support Looters, Demand BLM Leave Neighborhood | The Daily Wire

A group of black residents from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood — the location of an officer-involved shooting that triggered a night of riots and looting on Sunday — demanded that members of Chicago’s Black Lives Matter group, who were holding a protest to support those arrested for looting, leave the neighborhood and return only when they were ready to really help the community.

“If your issue is with the police, take it to 35th and Michigan [where CPD headquarters is located]. Don’t come in Englewood with it,” Smith said, per the Sun-Times. “If the people on 56th Street want to come over and protest the police, they can do it. But no one from the North Side or Indiana or any place other than Englewood can come here and do that.”
The headline led me to believe that BLM supported looters...but the article clearly says they don't since they were protesting in a poor black neighborhood against looting. But to the residents of Englewood, their protest seemed more like blaming the community rather than understanding or doing anything meaningful that would actually help.
Good for them. Last thing any city needs is a bunch of bored white kids and their mommies breaking windows and burning buildings down. Keep that crap in Portland.
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