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Black leftist pens the most delusional dribble I’ve ever read


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Jan 20, 2014
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The Inevitable Whitelash Against Racial Justice Has Started | The Nation

This is what leftists are selling the public. If you want law and order a peaceful community you’re a racist. If you’re white and have a problem with political violence it’s whitewash. This black Harvard grad says his kids are being gunned down for riding bicycles in the park! No sh!t he actually writes that!

Oh and just so you white liberals know, your support for BLM is just so you can bone an ebony beauty in Ghana and pretend you care about the slave trade.

Fortunately I live far enough in the country that when the revolution actually comes Ill be able to watch the live-streams of white libs being marched to the guillitione by people like this author...

Because if you actually believe what this guy writes and you don’t take up arms then you’re a coward. If you don’t believe it it’s time to speak up and condemn this hateful and untrue rhetoric. He’s accusing all of you of either genocide or condoning genocide. This rhetoric should be illegal. I don’t know where exactly the first amendment line is, but before this is the answer
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