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Bill Clinton denies Sestak involvement


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Oct 12, 2009
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Just when you thought, "Finally, the Sestak non-sense is over and explained", it's back yet again.

Philly.com said:
“I didn’t try to get him out of the race,” Clinton told a reporter for WBRE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Scranton, who shouted questions as the former president shook hands in a crowd Tuesday. “In fact, I wasn’t even accused of that,” Clinton said.

Sestak shrugged it off Thursday, saying Clinton was merely an emissary.

“President Clinton was carrying a message,” said Sestak, after speaking to diners at a Harrisburg barbeque restaurant about his plan for small businesses. “It was no secret Washington wanted me out of the race.”

In May, Sestak’s account was different. He said that Clinton expressed concern about his chances in a Senate primary, argued that his military background (Sestak is a retired Navy admiral) was an asset to the House, and offered the possibility of a presidential appointment to the influential advisory board.

Philly.com is the online site for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.

As I identified in this DP thread in June - this needs to be investigated. Media that's picked up on this story? Fox News, CNSNews, and local Philly media only. Everyone else is ignoring it where clearly 1+1 = 3... but no one wants to know why.

Here's hoping Issa get's his wish and rakes these people over the coals to try and find the truth. So far, this sounds like lies and cover-up on top of more lies and cover-up. This is about all the hope and change I can take!
Bill Clinton denies Sestak involvement.


Yeah, and I won't c** in your mouth.
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