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Bennet's government might fall


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Sep 8, 2020
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Israeli lawmaker quits, threatening Bennett's fragile hold on parliament

One Israeli MP defected from the government block, meaning the fragile majority of Bennet's Frankenstein coalition of Liberals, Leftists, Arab parties and secular far right nationalists is in danger of falling. The man who waits behind the curtains is of course Bibi, who else would it be?

Israel coalition to fast-track bill to dissolve parliament

Bennet's coalition is in shambles. It was held together by the sole purpose of kicking Netanyahu out. Now when they are in power they realize they have nothing in common, and hold the opposite views on many core policies. So back to the polls it is yet again. The fifth election in three years. However the Knesset hope to pass a bill that would ban any person under indictment from assuming premiership, thus avoiding a situation where Netanyahu returns to power.
Looks like Netanyahu might be making a return thanks to a strong showing from his far-right allies, the Religious Zionist Party.

The RZT want to deport Israeli citizens of Arab descent if they show 'disloyalty'.
Ugh….. Israel is going to become a hopelessly racist state. Ben Gvir… Israel is going to run out of excuses for the shit the state does all the time.

Gvir is responsible for racial terrorism. Looks like with him and the Israeli far right now having a much larger majority of the Kessnet its going to become a genocidal state.
Like Ben Gvir is going to make Netanyahu look like a peacenik.
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