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beer adds during the super bowl

Anhiser Bush with the soldiers good are bad

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Jan 29, 2005
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About the Anheuser bush chimerical during the super bowl with the solders walking through the air port, frankly I loved it. Its about time some one came out to say thank you to our troops, with all the dissension against them, from Kennedy and others.I know their are some people upset by the chimerical, because it was a beer company, hay what do you thank a great deal of the soldiers do in their free time.So people complan when thay put half naked Ladies on the comericals, and now when thay have a chimerical with a good message people still complain. I got a great sense of joy from this chimerical and it made me want to get back in the Army even quicker knowing their are still people out their who care, and when i do I'm going to kick back with a cold bud light. :hm to all my brothers and sisters in the armed forces i salute you
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