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Barriers in rural development of India


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Oct 7, 2013
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Rural development programs in India still have a long way to bring overall socio-economic development in the nation. To accelerate rural development in the country, we need to look at the roadblocks which are decelerating the development. Some of these barriers include inadequate managerial resources, lack of institutional mechanism to solve conflict in the ideas of development, low quality infrastructure, lack of rational decisions in economic matters, corruption in political parties that play vital roles in such development works, lack of honesty etc. Removal of these problems will count and accelerate the rural development in India and it is not only the responsibility of the government but an overall revolution that needs each and every person in the nation to take part. Let’s spread awareness and work towards the development of the nation with undivided attention. Visit various social platforms like Alteranation, RangDe, etc. and share your concerns.
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