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Azmi and the FBI (1 Viewer)


Feb 5, 2006
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I have faith in my nation and in the FBI but it was shaken quite a bit lately..
I received an email that asked me for personal information about my retirement account. It was specific enough to make me suspicious and the fact that it came to an email address not connected with my retirement account led me to believe that it would be appropriate to report the matter.
I reported the item to the retirement system I use and also sent a copy to the FBI.
On the main page of the FBI web site along with information about their ‘New Cyber Center’, ‘The Trafficking of Persons’, ‘Charge in Texas Bomb Plot’ and how to ‘Help Prevent Terrorist Attacks’ there was a quiz on knowledge of the FBI in ‘pop culture’.
They featured an excerpt from a comic book magazine.
Here is the first thing I read when I went to the FBI site :
“The FBI has long been a fixture in our nation's popular culture; over the years we've been the focus of countless books, movies, TV and radio shows, comic books, even games and toys.”
These days they are focus of several investigations and I beginning to see why.
Did you know that the director of information services at the FBI is an Afghan who joined up during the time the Taliban was in power? He is Zalmai Azmi and has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in failed software and shows no sign of stopping

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