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Ask a Neopaleoprogressivist


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Dec 7, 2009
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So I thought I would be brave and mention a discussion group I made on this forum. It's called "Ask a Neopaleoprogressivist," which is what I currently consider myself.

I got the inspiration for this from the "Ask a Pagan" thread that was made a while back. However, I thought making it a discussion group would be better for detailing the individual planks of the neopaleoprogressivist platform.

So what is Neopaleoprogressivism? Well, it's an ideology that is inspired by the progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially conservative progressives such as Theodore Roosevelt. The basic premise of Neopaleoprogressivism is that the government has the right to regulate businesses as a form of protection to consumers and is generally socially liberal. It prefers that private businesses be able to provide services rather than government programs. While it admits that the government should not provide every service, it does have the right to perform some basic services. This where it differs from liberalism.

So feel free to join the group and ask what the stance of a neopaleoprogressivist is on any particular issue and I'll do my best to answer it and discuss it. I will try to address certain points as quickly as I can, but it may take me some time to get to particular issues. The link for the discussion group is below. And thanks for joining.

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