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Are required ultra-sounds a violation of privacy?

Are the required sonogram laws an invasion of privacy?

  • I'm pro-life, but it is an invasion of privacy

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  • I'm pro-life, and it is not an invasion of privacy

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  • I'm pro-choice, and it is not an invasion of privacy

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  • I don't care about personal privacy

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Jan 21, 2009
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Roe v. Wade was based upon the medical privacy rights of the woman.
If you read the required sonogram anti-abortion laws being written and passed, they not only require a sonogram but also that
a massive amount of information about:
the woman's health,
the fetus health,
Legal agreements and statements the woman must sign agree to and sign about herself and the doctor,
and that the doctor much also sign about the woman
- all of which then must additionally be put in writing into the woman's permanent record and
is put on permanent file with various government agencies.
Does this sound like an invasion of privacy? If not, how could anything be considered an invasion of privacy about anyone?

Since Roe V Wade was decided that even banning abortion was an unlawful invasion of privacy, how could this withstand a legal challenge on privacy - as it goes well beyond just abortion or not, but massive records required taken and preserved about the woman?
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