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AP Exclusive: Adoptee deported by US sues S. Korea, agency

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Mar 7, 2018
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From ABC News

AP Exclusive: Adoptee deported by US sues S. Korea, agency

Adam Crapser lives in limbo, a stranger in South Korea, the country of his birth.

Forcibly separated from his wife, children and friends in America, he is isolated by language and culture, left alone to navigate this sprawling city he's been expelled to four decades after being sent to adoptive parents in Michigan at age 3.

Crapser was abused and abandoned by two different sets of adoptive parents in the United States then deported after run-ins with the law because none of his guardians filed citizenship papers for him. He told The Associated Press in an interview that he has struggled in South Korea with intense anxiety and depression, even as he searches for answers about why his life has become defined by displacement.

That search has led him to file a landmark lawsuit against South Korea's government and a private adoption agency, the Seoul-based Holt Children's Services, over what Crapser calls gross negligence regarding the way he and thousands of other Korean children were sent to the United States and other Western nations without accounting for their future citizenship.


I wonder if it came as a surprise to him that he was NOT an American citizen.

I wonder how many others the fact that they are NOT American citizens is going to be.

PS - "Holt International" is a "non-profit" organization [financial statement 2017] that had an income of around $12,000,000 and paid out around $8,500,000 of that in salaries in 2017. It also has around $14,000,000 in assets. During 2017, "Holt International" managed to arrange 697 adoptions at an average charge to the adopting parents of a mere $11,682.77 for each child.

Somehow this sounds suspiciously like "child trafficking" to me.
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