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Another reason for Israel to take back Gaza


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Dec 14, 2005
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Hamas, a sworn enemy to Israel, has taken over the gaza strip. Wait, it gets worse, guess who has moved into the neighborhood? Al Qaeda!

For all those saying we should negotiatie and deal with HAMAS, they now have Al Qaeda workig in their back yard, meaning THEY are working with Al Qaeda! that just makes the decision to end the HAMAS problem if Al Qaeda does anything.

We have sworn to protect Israel and are already at war with Al Qaeda. We hould warn HAMAS to get rid of Al Qaeda in the Gaza Strip or they will have one of the shortest governing terms of any nation! If Al Qaeda launches attacks on Israel out of Gaza, I would turn Israel loose on the strip and back them in case anyone had anything to say about it.

Of course that is mostly emotion speaking, but HAMAS is NOT doing anything to legitimize itself in the eyes of the world if they allow Al Qaeda to come in and set up shop! Realistically speaking , they will be dealt with! Every country has a right to defend itself, so let it be proven that 1 attack is launched on Israel from Gaza, and Israel has every right to go back in there, and for good this time!
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