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Another politicization scandal at the FEC?


May 11, 2013
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by Ed Morrissey
July 12, 2013

Let’s play Guess The Federal Agency in order to see where the next political scandal may originate.
Here are a few hints: This bureaucracy supposedly has safeguards to prevent politicization, enforces a broad, arcane, and contradictory regulatory and statutory code, and treats potential targets of investigations as guilty unless they prove themselves innocent. Wait a moment … I just described nearly every federal agency in existence. My bad.

In this case, though, I’m talking about the Federal Election Commission, which is tasked with enforcing the Byzantine, irrational campaign regulations put in place over the last several decades on federal candidates and officeholders. Theoretically, as the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel explains, these investigations have to get bipartisan approval from the equally-apportioned commissioners. Lately, though, the FEC has lost control of its bureaucracy — and the White House likes that just fine, thanks to their choice of targets:

The FEC was created in the wake of Watergate, in part to remove primary power over political actors from the Justice Department. It sports an equal number of Democratic and Republican commissioners, so that neither side can easily impose a partisan agenda. This means a lot of deadlocks, a situation that infuriates the left, which prefers a fire-and-brimstone regulator.[/INDENT]


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