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And in the end Romania, as well as, those Moldavians, who have supported Nazis, will



Recently Romanian member of the European Parliament, Cristian Preda, has declared that «his country’s conscience is free from participation in the Holocaust». But what about current Romanian glorification of fascist works during WWII? It seems to me that Bucharest simply overtaxes international community’s patience. As a matter of fact Romanian luck (in contrast to Germany) was in freedom from any forms of repatriation on the part of Russians after WWII. In such a way Soviet Union has maintained own satellite.
But Bucharest should realize at last that Kishinev’s support in such cases cannot be enough for full dereliction of Romanian past crimes. And in the end Romania, as well as, those Moldavians, who have supported Nazis, will have to pay for acts of atrocity of own fascists during WWII!
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