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All Of The Made-Up, Nonsensical, Hypocritical Highlights From Trump’s Cabinet Meeting


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Jan 21, 2013
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I couldn't come up with a better headline.

  • Trump claimed there are more than 30 million undocumented immigrants.
  • He said Afghanistan was responsible for turning the Soviet Union into Russia, then said he would have been a good general.
  • Trump said he works too hard, despite taking more vacation days than any other president in recent history.
  • He repeated a number he made up for what unauthorized immigration costs the U.S.
  • Trump summed up the deadly, devastating and years-long conflict in Syria with a minimizing statement. (Sand and Death)
  • The president commented on the physical attractiveness of a group of generals he once met with at the Pentagon.
  • He complained about being ‘all alone’ over the holidays, ‘except for all of the guys out on the lawn with machine guns.’
  • Trump threatened to take unilateral action on a number of his top priorities and then seemed to taunt, ‘Wouldn’t that be scary?’
  • Reports also state that he referenced the wheel multiple times, claimed his wall was already mostly built and referenced Game of Thrones as an ideal wall situation.


If you thought 2018 was insane...Just wait.

All Of The Made-Up, Nonsensical, Hypocritical Highlights From Trump’s Cabinet Meeting
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