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Alito Nomination: A Victory on Multiple Fronts

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May 31, 2005
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At perhaps the most critical and defining moment of his presidency, George W. Bush came through. In the midst of a wildly exaggerated Valerie Plame “scandal,” and having been dealt an apparent defeat with the withdrawal of Harriet Miers, President Bush nonetheless came out swinging on Monday, nominating Samuel Alito to fill Sandra O’Connor's seat on the high court.

By making such a bold choice, President Bush not only rallied a wavering and disillusioned conservative base, he again bolstered the concept of a Supreme Court whose ultimate purpose it is to uphold and defend the integrity of the United States Constitution as originally written and amended.

Gone are the insipid Republican assertions, which dominated the debate only a few months ago, that the role of the Senate was to ensure a president “gets his choice of appointees” for the courts. Instead, the issue has been entirely framed in the context of a worthy Republican/conservative fight to restore the Constitution’s preeminence as the basis for law and justice in America. And by this choice, the President stands to accomplish the latter while reaping the former.

To nobody’s great surprise, the left is gearing up for war. But it is a war that they cannot win, as long as Republicans in Washington remain faithful to the conservative principles that brought them to power nearly a dozen years ago. Conversely, a Republican surrender will yield an immediate firestorm from the base, the likes of which have rarely been seen on the right side of the aisle.

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Victory or not? What say you?
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