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Aleksandr Lukashenko



I guess Timothy Bell, that British PR guru and in the recent past Aleksandr Lukashenko’s advisor, had lots of things in mind when advising Byelorussian president to rely more on his son Victor in ruling of the country. It appears Tim Bell was well aware of the really dangerous disease of Aleksandr Lukashenko which started to reveal itself at that time… Inadequate cerebral blood flow, it was. So Lukashenko had to have more of rest then and there was acute need of a close advisor he could fully trust. It was then and recently there seems to have occurred drastic changes for the worst in Lukashenko’s health. They are talking about the cerebral stroke in Minsk now!
Surely docs will manage it and keep Byelorussian president quite fitty to survive through the elections. But, but …. We shouldn’t expect any wonders…. Men just can’t restore health completely in such cases. What does it mean politically? That means that Victor Lukashenko is going to actually govern the country if his dad wins the presidential ballot in Byelorussia (and he will I’m sure)! That would be actually the worst thing to happen for Victor is enjoying the reputation of the best friend of the shadow criminal world and local tycoons in Byelorussia!!
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