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Alabama Church Fires Solved


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Dec 14, 2005
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2 suspects have been brought in wearing handcuffs, charged with setting the church fires in Alabama! A 3rd is being arrested as well.

Reporters say they are 'dazed, shocked to find themselves in this situation'.:shock:

Yeah, who woulda thunk you could get arrested for burning down churches?! :doh

It is reported that one of the guys has said that racism and/or religion is not a motive for these crimes....he says they were "just out spotlighting deer, and then one thing led to another!"

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One of the guy was quoted as saying it was "a prank gone wrong" and one of their friend's was on Good Morning America this morning saying he doesn't know how they couldn't have done it.
I guess they don't know that crack is whack!
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