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Airport Security - Biometric Cards - Yes / No

Airport Security - Biometric Cards - Yes / No

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Jan 1, 2010
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Lost in Maryland
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Yes, that would make a lot more sense than any of the idiotic security in place at the airports. It would focus on finding bad PEOPLE instead of contraband.
Biometrics are generally easily fooled believe it or not. Plus its still doesnt insure you arent going to do something bad.
Hell ****ing no! Why the hell should we be databased even more? It's stupid to try to go to biometric cards.
Hell ****ing no! Why the hell should we be databased even more? It's stupid to try to go to biometric cards.

I'd rather have that than the invasive security procedures currently in place, as long as the cards were optional. I think it could be pretty effective as a "Frequent Flyer" type of program, premised on the assumption that a businessman who has flown twice a week for the last 15 years is probably not likely to be a jihadist bent on bringing down the aircraft.

I don't know about the specific implementation, but the idea is solid. If we need so much airport security at all (which I'm skeptical of), airports should be trying to figure out who the most likely terrorists are, rather than who has some contraband.
Kandahar: That's a suggestion that makes a lot of sense.
I'd rather have reasonable and rational search protocols and parameters. I'm not going to take one form of invasive search over another. The solution is to reel it back in and keep it under control. We don't need biometric crap. We don't need full body scanners. And we certainly don't need TSA agents feeling up everyone who comes through.
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