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ADIOS James Blake


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Oct 12, 2005
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One of the classiest and star crossed tennis stars of the last two decades played his final pro match today. James Blake, who lost a five set match early this morning to Ivo Karlovic after leading 2 sets to love, lost his doubles match with Jack Sock today after announcing this US Open would be his last pro tournament. Blake, who left harvard and ascended to a top 5 ranking in the world lost two years of prime time when a freak accident led to a broken neck. while Blake never won a major he was a quarterfinalist in three of the majors and won 10 tournaments. I saw him play in Cincinnati where he lost in the third round to Dimtry Tursunov: Blakes 49% first serve percentage lost the match for him because DT was making about 75% of his. Yet Blake still had that huge forehand that was, through most of the last decade, among the best in the business.

With his personality, intelligence and quick wit, I am sure he will find great success in his next career. While some players will be remembered as great players, Blake will be remembered as a great sportsman and class act.
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