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Absolute Truth

do you believe in absolute truth?

  • no

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  • yes, the Bible

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  • yes, other (please explain)

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I'm a pig, a real pig.
Sep 11, 2005
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Chatanooga Tennessee at Tennessee Temple Universit
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in the 1700s there used to be a concrete belief that truth is in both the realms of 1.) God soul & nature; and 2.) this world.
somewhere between the 1800s and 1900s the world developed a belief that truth was only what you could see, hear, feel and touch, while God soul and nature got put in the realm of opinion. after 1901 we started developing "relativism", in which we believed that truth was "as my group sees it" or "as you perceive" putting "world" and "nature" in the realm of "truth" and "God, soul and nature" with "the material world" under opinion. now, relativism cannot and will not ever be able to hold up stability and it soon fell into subjectivism, in which the only truth lied in your feelings, while everything else got piled into opinion.
the question I have is, do you believe in absolute truth. if so what is it? and why is it the absolute truth
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