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A woman on the race in Wisconsin (1 Viewer)


Jul 21, 2020
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I normally watch Fox News; but whenever it goes to commercial, I do a little channel surfing (to either CNN or MSNBC).

This morning (9/5/20, as I write this), a woman on MSNBC--a very liberal network, yet--confessed that she had interviewed more than five dozen people in Wisconsin; and only one of these said that she voted for Trump in 2016, but would vote Democratic in 2020.

She added that another two did not vote in 2016, and will vote for Biden in 2020.

But lots of people, she said, voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but will vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

And MSNBC usually tries to give its viewers a leftist slant to the news (and opinions)...

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