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A threat Europe has been under for many years



Looks like Georgian President Saakashvili has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes so skillfully by saying that he “cleared” Pankisi Gorge of all terrorists that the whole world has been eating this sh*t for several years! However as the old saying goes ‘mystery will always out’. This case is no exception. Apparently something there went wrong and Akhmet Zakayev, a leader of Chechen separatists who is in London now, got to know about a top secret meeting of Georgian officials with terrorists’ leaders, and he didn’t keep it a secret. Well it’s hard to why he did so and frankly not that it’s an important thing. The important thing is that now we know that Georgian authorities have never actually fought terrorists – instead they’ve been making agreements with them thus placing Europe under grave threat because it’s so easy to get here from Georgia! WTF!
See, we even considered accepting Georgia into NATO and EU some time ago. But now I think we should place Georgia in the ranks of Iran and North Korea instead, we should apply sanctions on it so that they would never again even dare to cooperate with terrorists imo!
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