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A REAL Day without (illegal) Latinos


Oct 9, 2005
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Southern California
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- Profits drop for big agriculture and other corrupt big businesses.
- Wages for americans go up.
- "Coyotes" on the border have to look for employment.
- Latino drug smugglers see profits take a dive.
- The INS stops finding dead illegals in the arizona desert.
- Rich Hollyweird types lose a nanny.
- Latino gang activity in south central LA drops way off.
- Americans stop paying taxes to support education of illegals' children.
- English becomes the predominant laguage in Los Angeles.
- The eight trauma centers closed in LA county for non-payment re-open.
- The L.A. county school systems sends the mexican teachers hired to teach in spanish back to mexico.
- When you go to the emergency room in southern california, you won't have to get in line behind healthy young prego latinas who are just there for neonatal check ups.
- Peoples' doctor, hospital, and med insurance bills go down because of reduced cost-shifting.
- Americans stop paying taxes to support illegals' housing.
- Americans stop paying taxes to support illegals' grocery bills.
- Americans stop paying taxes to support illegals' legal bills.
- The number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers goes down.
- The cost of car insurance goes down.
- When you ask an employee a question in Target or Walmart, they won't say "no speaka da Inglis".
- California prison population starts tapering off till it's down by a third.
-Vegetable become cheaper, all the money we save from the things you'vel isted can subsidize for organic food, our even those in the bottom 20% can afford to eat organic.
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