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A new adventure in browsing


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Aug 27, 2005
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Despite the initial enthusiasm, so few people have used this product that Google will no longer be supporting it after the end of the year, and this is a damn shame.

1) A wave is an area of the internet that 2 or more people can share at the same time.

2) Google Wave is a browser that can connect multiple people to the same "wave", and instantly share messages, pictures, web sites, or anything else, IN REAL TIME.

This is something so new that it represents huge change, and most people, used to traditional browsing, are not coming on board. But you gotta try this. This is very fascinating stuff. It might not have caught on this time, but eventually it well, and when it does, it will radically transform browsing the internet.

Try the Google Wave here.
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Nope. It's opened to everybody now.
Unfortunately, it's unlikely to last long. Development halted, and the site itself is only set to last 'at least through the end of the year'.

Use it while you still can. 'Tis a shame. A fantastic Firefly reference, too.
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