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A guide to critical thinking


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Aug 27, 2005
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This is a 40 minute open-source download from ClearBits™ - BitTorrent Distribution of Open Licensed Media

Do you believe in the paranormal?
Do you believe in 911 truth?
Do you believe in the face on Mars?
Do you believe in.......... Anything that is considered pseudoscience or conspiracy theories?

There is a reason that it is called pseudoscience in that anybody who has critical thinking skills can smash it to smithereens. This video, called Here Be Dragons - A Guide to Critical Thinking, is a quick tour of how critical thinking works, and how it can be used to debunk junk science. This is an excellent video, and I highly recommend it.

You can find and download it here. You will need a torrent client to download it.http://www.clearbits.net/torrents/659-here-be-dragons I recommand utorrent, which can be found and downloaded here.

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