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A funny, and surprisingly accurate analogous skit of the left's election portrayal, from a football standpoint!!


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Jul 22, 2013
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You'll see a lot of parallels in this comedic skit, including the many double standards, hypocrisy, contradictions, corruption, hyper-partisan bias, dishonesty, and the increasingly intense attempts to intimidate everyone into ignoring all of the obvious problems, errors, "glitches", inconsistencies, and just shutting up and going away! This is in obvious, stark contrast to how they ALL behaved during the 2000 election over the "hanging chads" in Florida, where the DNC, Gore's people AND the "news" media refused to call the election, and investigated for 37 days over problems in just ONE state!

It was only after those 37 days that Al Gore finally conceded, and the "news" media were 100% on board with ALL of it! Funny how they've BURIED that parallel aspect of the 2000 election! Now it's 2020, and it's not a democrat who's potentially being cheated out of a win, it's a republican! But the "news" media cannot tolerate an investigation, so they demand "Trump MUST immediately CONCEDE"!

Remember just weeks ago how the "news" media "prepared us" for the possibility that Biden may be behind after election night, but that it might take weeks, or even months for the process of ensuring a fair election to be properly carried out!? Well, obviously they changed their tune when it turned out that Biden was in the lead after election night! So now they wanted to just shut it all down and crown Lord Biden the new king IMMEDIATELY!! No investigation! No transparency!

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