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A better sword for the Islam "Big Bang" part 1


Joe ohhnoo

Bombing in London ? Islam is coming, with a new sword, called “Big Bang”
At the time when one can observe that humanity ( in west ) is approaching to the gate way of love, peace and forgiveness and realizing their oneness, the evil of Islam, a religion planted 1400 ago by the devil ( Alien) is rising to stop the enlightenment of the masses and drag them down to the darkness and past. It is interesting as we become passive towards aggression and become more loving, devil is getting angrier and will use the opportunity to hit us hard, just like event in old Persia about 1400 years ago. Darkness may start another slavery of the earth for 1400 years or more. It is a sensitive time, a time for balance and wisdom. Being loving but firm and practical.
I am a born Muslim and I confess that, there is no intelligent MUSLIM. Because a human in this century should be absolutely dumb to believe in Islam. Islam is religion of devil, and Mohamad is the devil prophet. I believe all the religions should go to hell but Islam is the worse, a pinnacle of darkness. To observe this fact you need to remember that: God is love, Fear of god is a crime against love. when and if you leave your fear behind then read the Koran, it makes you throw up. Islamic ideology is so vicious and dirty, if and when one believe in it, he is ignorant and vicious even if one has ten university degrees. Muslim means ignorant and devil worshiper... A religion which is all about killing has nothing to do to god of love. The reason for misery in Muslim country is not west or east, it is their worship of a evil philosophy. I need to remind you that sophism and other mystic religion are ancient Persian mysticism path which during start of Islam had to go under ground for many centuries and then reappeared, but with pretense of being Islamic, to survive the vicious unforgiving Muslims. Their beauty is from old Persian philosophy and they have hardly any thing in common with vicious Koran and Mohamad’s nightmares.
After I watched latest changes in Iranian government, take over of the Parliament and presidency, specially forced election of a terrorist as new president, I expected the new killing and bombing to restart in the world. Mr. Khameneie coop to purify his surrounding from opponents and possible whistle blowers and replacing them with hard liners who can kill human faster than wild hungry cats and a gang of ignorant who think they need to kill the opponents to protect their powerful ( weak ?) God And their evil prophet. In Iran some people call the new government as the government of revenge, and known to be here to clear all of the opponents of Islam from all over the world.
Can western politician understand or match Iranian mullahs in trickery and deception? Iranian mullahs are more vicious and complicated than any human alive ( proof is the last 26 vicious years). The Mullahs survived For the last 1400 years without ever working, by trickery and deception in the name of their prophet and by learning how to control people and money supply by deception in name of their worthless god. Islam believers are deep in the darkness. Unfortunately college education and even, living in the western countries could not open their Muslim frightened conscious to the light , truth, and oneness of humanity. It is so because MOHAMAD words in koran, in the name of his god take all securities away from the followers and therefore remove possibility of thinking away from them. According to koran ( Mohamad) the god is always watching and is aware of everything and he is vicious in his punishments. These repeated threats can and has caused survival of this evil religion. If Muslim take one hour of their time , remove all their false pride, and all their fear of god then fill themselves with belief in love and brotherhood with whole humanity , and then read their holy book, they will end up throwing it as a worthless piece of junk in the trash. The only thing the college degree gave to educated muslim is more false pride and belief that they as muslim are the best thing which has happened to humanity, therefore as their prophet has requested, the whole humanity will join them in their dark path towards ignorance and pain or they all deserve to be burned.. Fear that Mohamad has injected in his followers made them blind to the truth and love and un-curable and even death won’t accept them. They do not understand that fear of god is one of the biggest crime against God and his kingdom, and fear is opposite of love and it is only used by evil mind who likes to control others ( like Mohamad and friends).
Mullahs have been causing chaos in the world for 26 years without being caught. It is very interesting that rich smart Iranian religious leaders are using their money to hire arabic terrorists ( indirectly) to bomb and destroy in the name of Islam and hate but even the individual terrorist does not know his employer is Iranian government. Therefore even if the whole group is arrested no one knows the real force behind the scene and there is not even one Iranian in whole operation.. Most of the money in the hand of terrorist comes from Khameneie ( head of Iranian government) through some trusted channel but even the head of terror organization does not know and does not care where the money is coming from.
Iranian people are wiser than rest of middle east although they are trapped by an Islamic government. What makes me more worried is people in Pakistan, which are more religious and are deeper in the Islamic ignorance and darkness. Muslim should know that the cause of their misery is not the east or the west, it is the philosophy they believe in, they are worshiping devil and devil only bring darkness and pain, please do not try to spread it to the rest of the world. Best example is Iranian people who always were rich and powerful until evil of Mohamad hit them and his ignorance consume their conscious and fear of god made them blind to the truth.
From what I skimmed through, you're saying that Islam is the devil religion. Your facts to uphold this statement is dealing with the wars and chaos of the middle-east, and the recent terrorist attacks against West. Is this really the Islamic religion at work, or is this the out-come of an aggressive religion mixed with Political Greedy Warlords?
It is ignorance at work. I have had experienced ( encountered ) God He is love as Budda and and Jesus and Rumii point him out ( he was me!, you!). He was nothing like the personage Muhamad discloses of God ( muhamad God is Ego). He does not threaten. kill or disturb you but you do it to yourself and he is waiting patiently until you give up your wrong way and join him with all your heart. Since he is love, he never threaten and he does not need to threaten and he does not aprove it because he is not pain and because all is him and nothing is out of him. You can not harm God but yourself because there is only one mind. Let every one be and grow at their own pace , just bless them no matter what they believe. All religions are based on fear ( evil, opposite of love) and therefore ego related for control of one man by other man. We need to grow and leave the religion behind and become like Budda and Jesus. I believe that day will come.
Joe ohhnoo said:
Please go to this web site below, and at the left hand side click on Beheading word and see the real Islam in action.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe watching videos of one man cutting the head off of another would prove much, execpt that I have a timid stomach.

I'm positive you have much more experince, dealing with the religion of Islam than I do. But I sort of see these Terrorist Muslims who behead people sort of like Nazi Germany. Both used their religion in order to gain fear and through fear you can easily gain power. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of the Islamic Religion, but I don't know enough about it to come up with such an idea of it being the Devil's Religion.

All religions are based on fear
I disagree. I think that some religions are based on fear, Islam for example. But I believe there are some religions which aren't based on fear, Christianity for example... this religion's main power is also its main flaw. Having such a religion where everyone is invited and is never discriminated against then you have the Achilles heel.. before you know it, one of your friends is soon your enemy and he's soon going to kill you.
Arch Enemy said:
From what I skimmed through, you're saying that Islam is the devil religion. Your facts to uphold this statement is dealing with the wars and chaos of the middle-east, and the recent terrorist attacks against West. Is this really the Islamic religion at work, or is this the out-come of an aggressive religion mixed with Political Greedy Warlords?

To receive an answer to your question you need to spend some time and read the Koran . Some of it is about, Mohamad sex drive. A large part is threats towards those who do not want to go to war and the rest talking about Moses Bullshit... It make you throw up... Enjoy.

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