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A better Islamic sword "Big Bang" Part 2 (1 Viewer)


Joe ohhnoo

Are we heading towards a possible atomic wars?
I wish there was no ignorance, no weapons, no aggression no war, but... And still I know the solution is education but Is there opportunity for that?... Islam is the devil religion and it is rising and looking for blood and death.... Although all the Muslims misery is caused by their belief in evil Islam but... They only point at others as its cause... and other’s destruction as the solution.
If the whole world ( including Russia and China ) do not take drastic measure in removal of trouble makers with any price specifically the pride and joy of hateful Islamic movement, Iranian religious government, I need to say that, Unfortunately we are heading to a atomic war. Even if the whole western world leave middle east and its oil for ever, Muslim viciousness would not end, Mohamad the evil is arabs pride and joy, The whole world should join his dark and forceful belief or whole world should say good bye. China and Russia may think they are safe by befriending them but... Evil knows no friend and their turn will come a bit later.
Muslim have upper hand in their possible attack and destruction for the following reasons:
1- They act as and when they wish, there is no control no heeding to any force because they think they are defending their god ( protecting devil from coming light). Since their whole Islamic belief is based on fear, the only factor they respond to is fear therefore if they know they can hit and hide or hit and destroy completely they will go for it. Western government has to go through hundreds of watch dogs organization to take an action. Western Politicians needs to make all the peace movement organizations and other peace lovers happy before they can act.
2- While the anger and hate in middle east and Islamic country started boiling and is seeking to flow and consume west, in the west the number of peace lovers organization is increasing, in other word we are getting neutral to aggression while they are preparing to hit us with everything they can get hold of.
3- Most of Muslim living in western countries are like time bombs which pretend they are pro west and will be known better when things fall apart, they will be vicious towards non muslim because they really think they are serving a better god. And their way is the best.
Present condition in the world remind me of fall of Iranian empire about 1400 years ago. It was the ugliest event which ever happened to humanity and caused expansion of dark Islam all over the globe. These are the condition in Iran at that point and cause of that tragic failure:
1- Iran was re-coping from 20 years of war with Rome, People were unhappy from the taxes and pressure of the war.
2- Start of peace movement and formation of many spiritual sects, like monism, Mazdaism and many other spiritual peace loving organization opposing war, like Present Sophism , Darvishism (which now they are known as muslim pride but in reality they have nothing even close to forceful Islam, they are old Iranian Mysticism which like whole Iranian culture was destroyed or was absorbed as Islamic culture by some change and based on fear of sword) .
3- Death of Old King and assignment of new 14 years young boy without any experience and over an exhausted country.
But the worse factors which caused the Muslims success was exhaustion of country, and peace movement by different groups and betrayal of some people in high places. What is interesting is that, at the time that Iranian were becoming peace lovers Islam was becoming vicious and ready to kill and expand and loot, just like now. All Iranian who never believed in slavery ended up as slaves of the most wicked , ignorant men alive. Thousands and thousands were beheaded. Is that going to be repeated for west?
Possible solution or first step:
I would like to tell western people that, they have not too much choice in their problem with muslims. Even if they leave the whole middle east and... decide to accept the dark Islam as their religion the game is not over, Islam is based on ignorance and needs occasional blood to satisfy the muslims’s egos and now it is that time and they are full of hate towards westerner. Even your muslims neighbor that you see daily will cut your head off if and when he sees it convenient. Now that you have no chance for peace,, then decide wisely and survive.
Arrest all the time bombs ( Muslims) indifference to their statue as citizen or not and send them back to their mother land and tell them go and enjoy your beloved ( evil) Islam there.
Get ready and be the first in the future fire work... To save the world from dark future, Tehran and Pakistan and some other section of Muslims world need to be Neutron-ized.. I speak vicious because I see the doom and my practicality can dwarf it and make it endurable... But who can take that responsibility?... China and Russia the new capitalist need to become involve or they would not enjoy all the money they are collecting for too long. Islam is coming with a new sword... it is called “big bang”.

We wait and see

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